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nick Poly Nick Polychronopoulos Greece, Cyprus
Nick Polychronopoulos Exclusive dealer - Greece & CyprusMobile: +30 6977225383 Full Profile
Nilsson Michael Michael Nillson Nordic Countries & N. & E. Germany
Michael Nillson Exclusive dealer - Nordic Countries & N. E. GermanyMobile: +46708284251 Full Profile
Adnan Yuksel Adnan Yuksel Turkey
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Peter Ceulemans Peter Ceulemans Belgium, Luxembourg, Central & W. Germany
Peter Ceulemans Exclusive dealer - Belgium, Luxembourg, Central & W. Germany E-mail: Mobile: +32477626541 Full Profile

Andreas Efler Andreas Efler Austria, Switzerland & S. Germany
Andreas Efler Exclusive Dealer - Austria, Switzerland & S. Germany Email: Mobile: +436509997797 Full Profile
Rui Manuel Costa Rui Manuel Costa Portugal
Rui Manuel Costa Portugal Full Profile
Josep Mas Maria Canadel Josep Maria Mas Canadel Spain
Josep Maria Mas Canadel Dealer -SpainEmail: Mobile: +34650748684 Full Profile
Carlos Crespo Alcala Carlos Crespo Alcala Spain
Carlos Crespo Alcala Dealer -Spain Email: Mobile: +34666976641 Full Profile
Jerry Hermans Jerry Hermans Netherlands
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Peter De Backer Peter De Backer Belgium
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Manolis Minaoglou Manolis Minaoglou Turkey
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Janis Ziogas Joanie Ziogas Czech Republic, Slovakia
Joanie Ziogas Exclusive Dealer in Czech Republic & SlovakiaEmail: Mobile:+420732785886 Full Profile
Cinzia Monachesi Cinzia Monachesi Central Italy
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italy croatia slovenia 001 Mauricio Fiorentino Nor. Italy, Slovenia, Croatia
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Salvo Oriti Salvo Oriti Sicily & Calabria
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Guy Duplomp Christophe Linders Guy Duplomp-Chr. Linders France
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Allan Jensen Allan Jensen Denmark
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Ira Lee Ira Lee USA
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Mauricio Aquilar Mauricio Aquilar Colombia
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Minh Truong Minh Truong Vietnam
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Raul Vazquez Contreras Raul Vazquez Contreras Mexico
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Luis Gushiken Luis Gushiken Peru
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Ragay Henry Ragay Henry Egypt & Arab countries
Ragay Henry Exclusive dealer in Egypt & Arab countriesE-mail: Mobile: 00201222114465 Full Profile


Royal Pro is made from synthetic silk (Viscose) and there is NO wool inside. Please be careful on that , that there is NO wool inside, because it's something very important and it's something that all clients are carefully initially informed about.
Wool gets affected by humidity and affects behavior and speed. With Royal Pro billiard cloth you will have at least 30% more speed.
Wool cannot keep the playing conditions for long time. Royal Pro billiard cloth has 100% more duration in time.
Wool is expensive material to use it for billiard clothes. Royal Pro using exactly the needed materials to give you the best possible results on the best value for quality and price
Comparing to Royal Pro clothes with a high percentage of wool billiard clothes, the ball looks like dead after the third cushion, but so much alive in Royal PRO even after 4, 5, 6, 7 cushions.
100% Stable game conditions because wool cannot keep the playing conditions, needs heating anyway and gets affected by humidity.


carlos veloso 170
Carlos Veloso - FAC / Academia Bilhar Famalicense Atlético For the experience of a few weeks, I confirm: After many years of SIMONI CLOTHS, never had, as now with the Royal Pro, a table with reactions and stabilities as good. Congratulations Pavlos. The Portuguese market will be yours.
Bert van Manen 170
Bert van Manen - Biljart Evenementen Nederland - BEN A cheaper cloth, that is just as good? It may even be better. This evening, I played a match on the Royal Pro cloth, a first for me. In case you have not heard about it: Royal Pro, unlike the Iwan Simonis cloth we have become so used to, does not contain any wool. It is a synthetic fabric, which is cheaper to produce, sell and cover your table with. Its spiritual father is Pavlos Zachariadis from Greece, and his product is taking the billiard world by storm, or so they tell me. My team went over to a room in Oosterhout, Netherlands, owned by the Hermans family who are also distributor of Royal Pro for the Netherlands. Long story short: I went in with some doubts and reservations, walked out a man convinced. Playing conditions were nothing short of superb in Oosterhout. The tables were medium length, very quick, cushions responsive and utterly predictable. There was not a single thing about it I did not like.
Billar Snooker Pueblo Libre 170
Billar Snooker Pueblo Libre - Lima Hoy estuvo con nosotros Pavlos Zachariadis, uno de los mejores técnicos del mundo dando cátedra de su categoría y profesionalismo en el cambio de paños y los resultados fueron excelentes. Mañana continua con las otras dos mesas y esta quedando todo listo para el Gran Prix del viernes proximo. Los esperamos para que vengan a entrenar en las mejores mesas de Lima.

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